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Our Code of Ethics, Constitution, and Grievance Policy are more than nice ideas. They were written and peer reviewed with the public interest in mind and a deep desire in our hearts to elevate the esteem of hypnotherapy within the medical system. We are committed to a long term vision of widespread public accessibility to hypnotherapy as a safe, non-invasive treatment and preventative therapy for a broad spectrum of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual concerns.

Our Code Of Ethics

CACHE invites Hypnotherapy Professionals who are grounded in professional education and training to nurture their personal health of mind, body and spirit and be responsible for their personal and professional conduct as they grow in their professional practice.

Read our Code of Ethics.

Our Constitution

The Canadian Association of Counseling Hypnotherapists & Educators is a not for profit society of regulated counseling hypnotherapists dedicated to providing the highest standards of practice and education ensuring ethical counseling hypnotherapy for the safe enhancement of societal quality of life.

Read our Constitution.

Our Grievance Policy

In the expectation of mutual respect and trust, it is hoped that grievances
and complaints can be resolved by those directly involved as soon as
possible, and as close as possible to the context in which the grievance
arose through informal consultation between themselves or with a
CACHE mediator as selected by the President or Vice President.

Read our Grievance Policy.


British Columbia, Canada

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