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In the fall of 2015, more than thirty colleagues gathered together to discuss the challenges facing hypnotherapy today.

  • How do we help the public understand the difference between a weekend workshop and a multi-year field of study with supervised practice?
  • With so many innovative synergies now available between somatic tools, mind-body medicine and therapies at the frontiers of consciousness, where does hypnotherapy fit in?
  • How can we do a better job of clearly communicating to the public about the benefits of hypnotherapy and how it supports the healing journey?
  • How do we gain support from both the traditional medical establishment and governing agencies to make hypnotherapy more widely available within Canada’s provincial healthcare programs?

We support initiatives to establish government oversight of counselling and therapy in Canada, and to include hypnotherapy within that scope. With a college of therapists in each province, we can ensure consistent standards of practice nation-wide.

At CACHE, we are committed to regular updating of examinations and providing industry-leading training. This helps ensure that the public is receiving current information, potent treatment and achieving successful outcomes.

Together, we can go further. If you’re looking for support, education, training, or advocacy for the field of hypnotherapy, we’d love you to join us.


British Columbia, Canada

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