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Keeping Current & Staying Connected

We foster connection among colleagues both in-person and online. We provide education and support for our members through events and our member-only resource archives. Our members have many opportunities to connect with like-minded people, advance their training and stay current with new techniques.

Building A Successful Business

We support our members not only to excel in the field of hypnotherapy, but also to establish a solid, secure and successful business. To that end, we provide professional supervision, marketing workshops, business development training and opportunities to learn from established colleagues in the field.

All Registered Clinical Hypnotherapists and Registered Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapists receive a membership certificate from CACHE to display in their office and a CACHE member logo for their website.

Elevating The Field Of Hypnotherapy

We protect the public interest and the integrity of our profession through entry criteria, peer review and discipline. We have established the highest standards of practice, entry to practice, code of ethics and complaints policies in Canada.

Education & Resources

While our association is specifically engaged with continuing education and credentialing for Counselling Hypnotherapy, our membership is made up of registered professionals in the fields of hypnotherapy, counselling and a variety of other therapeutic modalities. As such, our trainings are diverse, multi-disciplinary and holistic, with an integrative approach to therapy.

Connection & Support

From our monthly online and in-person gatherings, our digital presence through social channels and podcasts, our advocacy work in the healthcare sector, to our workshops and courses, we are working to reduce the sense of isolation that can sometimes come from solopreneurship. CACHE is your link to the wider community of practitioners, not only in your area but also spanning the globe. We also support and promote member-led events, helping you reach your ideal clients.

Advocacy & Innovation

Membership in CACHE is an opportunity to build and shape a stronger professional community. Your membership gives you a voice. Growing our membership gives us political power. If you would like to see hypnotherapy embraced by the medical community and one day be covered under universal healthcare, then becoming a member is a great place to start.


British Columbia, Canada

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